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Tante Eden

Alternative Fashion & Spirit


Get ready for the dancefloor!

Brighten up with our exceptional clothes and with nice accessories: hip bags, bags, shoes, exotic shawls and much more.

We'll dress you for your next visit to a festival or other dancefloor!

Visit our


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to find out more about us.

You also find us in Berlin at the Maybach Turkish Market (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday).

In the winter we run a christmas market at LUCIA / KULTURBRAUEREI - Berlin.

In the summer we tour various festivals: Fusion, Feel, Primavera, Kerneval der Kulturen, Immergut, Castello, Icarus, Back to the roots, Habitat, A Summers Tale, Simsalaboom, 3000 degrees, Artlake and many many more


Made with love & respect

We personally source our products from retailers we have a close friendship with and ensure fair production conditions.  We give our best to produce as sustainable as possible.



Upcycled collection

Our SAREE Collection consists of vintage fabrics - traditional indian SAREEs, which we particularly like because of its unique patterns and the light, noble fabric.



colorful, awesome & stylish

Find your favourite piece in our glamorous collection - get ready for the dance floor!

Turkish Market Berlin

We are so happy to be back on the markets!

You find us on tuesdays / fridays / saturdays at Maybachufer marked in Berlin Neukölln. Tuesday and fridays we are at the very end of the marked where Maybachufer meets Hobrechtstrasse. Saturday we are somewhere in the middle.

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The story behind TANTE EDEN

TANTE EDEN - the clothing store that would be offended if you thought it was just a clothing store ...

You know Garden Eden. Then Stefan wrote “Tante” ahead of it („Tante“ means „aunt“ in german) so that it sounds casual, sassy and Berlin-like. Because this is what it has to be: deep and casual!  Fashion world without spirit celebrates the surface and is boring, flat and creepy. Spirit in boring clothes on the other hand... is okay... but.. mhmm..

We try to live as witty, warm and essential as possible and dress ourselves - and hopefully you - with beautiful garment. We are not born online retailers - good festivals and markets are our home.  Into the online world we were pushed out of necessity and by Cocorona. But now we are grateful for this new branch on our business tree!


Heart Core

TANTE EDENS`s heart-core are Stefan & Agi - a Berlin-based couple that loves to travel around the world. Stefan started picking beautiful clothes from his travels many years ago, Agi joined him later. Together we live, love, travel, handpick, design and create our clothes for you with a lot of Love.


Life is often about being able to celebrate contradictions. As humans we are all: ingenious, innocent and great and at the same time so meaningless and full of inadequacies ... so we decide to better start celebrating it!

Well, Tante Eden is a "clothes shop" ... And it is a huge problem for us & our beautiful planet that as humans we have the inclination to consume something new rather than feel our feelings. We try to fill inner emptiness with the consumption of things (it doesn't work, no matter how beautiful they are!) AND: We can enjoy to stock up on favorite pieces from a good source, because if we feel good in our second skin, we certainly let out more of our light and shine it into the world!

Our values:
We have our values ​​that we do not sacrifice at the first temptation. We only work with familiar small companies that provide fair conditions and people with whom we have now become honest friends.

And here we are! It's great that we met here! And if you've read this far: Thank you for your attention. We really care about all of this, at the end of the day we come out of some inexplicable mystery and go back there pretty soon. But in between lies a wild, fascinating land full of beauty, pain, love and everything ... let's celebrate it!

Stefan & Agi




+49 (0) 176 9666 7752

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